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The Clean Out Your Life Project: DIY Counter Cleaner


I ran out of countertop cleaner. So, you that means it’s time to experiment with a new, safe, non-toxic cleaner. I decided that I would make my own countertop cleaner since I had all the ingredients for it in my kitchen already. In fact I can almost guarantee that everyone has the ingredients at home since all you need is vinegar and water. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil for antibacterial benefits, but it’s not required to make the cleaner work so you can skip it if you don’t have it.

The solution is ridiculously easy to make: 50/50 water to vinegar and a few drops tea tree oil if you’re using it. Put the solution to a spray bottle and give it a little shake to make sure it’s mixed well. That. Is. It. So easy!

I’ll be honest, when I made this solution and gave it a try, I was pretty mad at myself for not making it myself years ago. It was easy, cost pennies to make, and took less time than going to to the store to buy a new bottle of cleaner. I’m not sure why I thought it would be hard to make my own cleaning supplies, but I was dead wrong. The lazy girl in me wonders how I didn’t know this much sooner.

After I had my solution mixed it was time to put it to the test.

I was amazed at how easily it cut through the dirt and stickiness on the counters. With a few squirts and a microfiber towel, the counter was clean with a quick wipe down. And these counters were two-day old I’m-pregnant-and-too-tired-to-wipe-down-the-counters-tonight counters. It was impressive.


The smell is a bit different from what you’ll be used to if you were using commercial cleaners, but before you know it you won’t notice the difference. I love my homemade cleaner for several reasons: it’s cheap, it works, I’m absolutely not afraid to use it to clean on food surfaces or my daughter’s high chair because I know it’s JUST vinegar and water!

Also, here’s a bit of food for thought as you’re debating if making your own cleaners is the right choice for you, particularly if you’re a housewife or stay at home mom: a 15 year study by the National Cancer association found that women who stay at home or work at home have a 54% higher cancer risk than women who work outside the home. Scary, right? Just do a search for indoor pollution on google if you really want a reason to make the switch.

Next time you’re out and about grab a spray bottle so you’re ready to make your own homemade countertop cleaner when you run out of your store-bought stuff! You won’t regret it!

Does anyone have any other natural ingredients they add to their counter top cleaners that give it an extra kick?

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