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Farm Fresh Raw Milk

I love everything about our milk. I love how it’s stored in big glass mason jars that look like they are from long ago. I love the gigantic cream top floating on it. I love the smell and taste that sets it apart from anything I can get out of the cooler at the grocery store. Our milk is down right awesome. Why? Because it’s straight from the source.

Raw Milk Jars

Our first raw milk order ready to come home with us.

When our daughter made the transition from breast milk to whole milk, my husband and I really started taking a look at what we were really giving her. Since her birth we had purchased organic milk to keep as many hormones and antibiotics out of our kitchen as possible. But, concern over milk allergies and our daughter’s small size had us wondering if whole milk was really enough.

My husband was the one who suggested we try raw milk. He’d heard about it from a patient at his practice and had done his research. It turns out raw milk vs. pasteurized milk has a lot of the benefits of breast milk vs. formula. From reduced allergies and asthma to less illness, the benefits were countless.

Jersey Cows

The cows at Chisholm Family Farms or better know as the cows our milk come from!

For us, it instantly became a no brainer. As long as the milk was properly handled, the benefits far out-weighed the risks. And since we’d be going straight to the farm to get our milk, we were confident the milk would be handled properly. Check out or for more on the benefits and risks, but we had our minds made up and set out to find our farm.

Finding your farm is the hardest part of using raw milk, since farms aren’t allowed to advertise that they will offer raw milk. There are lots of silly laws about raw milk so you might have to do some searching. One place to look is the website. They have a Real Milk Finder here. You can search by state to find a farm that provides raw milk. Ask around at your local farmers market, chances are you’ll find a farm to help you there.

Our farm!

Our farm!

The first time we went to get our raw milk at Chisholm Family Farms in Unadilla, Nebraska I was amazed. Why wouldn’t everyone want to get their milk this way? We saw the cows and facilities and were able to talk to the farmer. I think I had as much fun as Peanut out there on the farm. Besides picking up raw milk we were able to teach Peanut about all the animals running around. It was a blast.

Aside from knowing I’m feeding my daughter the healthiest milk I can provide her, I also know I’m supporting a local business. I just love everything about real milk! Stop buying it from the grocery store, even if it’s just for the experience of getting out to a farm every once in a while! You won’t regret it.

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