Live Free

This is how we are currently trying to get as many chemicals as we can out of our lives. Unfortunately, they have crept into nearly every part of our lives. So, my husband and I decided it was time to clean out our lives, from our food to our cleaning supplies, the chemicals have to go!

Phase 1: Eat Clean
This life style change began by changing our eating habits. Today’s foods are full of chemicals, GMOs, and additives that would make our great-grandmothers cringe. A lot of the ingredients found in our foods they wouldn’t recognize, let alone pronounce! What were these ingredients doing to our bodies? Making us obese? Causing hormonal changes? Causing cancer? The list of possibilities was endless and for me, that meant a world full of reasons to make the change. To be healthier, more energetic, and hopefully live a longer, fuller life!

Phase 2: Cleaner Cleaning  *Clean out your life with us: We are on this phase, now!*
The realization that we needed to be cleaning the chemicals out of more than just our food came gradually over time. I knew there were nasty chemicals in many cleaning solutions we used in our home, but as long as we used gloves or washed our hands immediately after using them, how bad could it be? Then, an article one of my husband’s former classmates at chiropractic school posted on Facebook lit the fuse. “What’s a Mom to Do? Preventing Early Puberty and Hormone Problems in our Daughters–Here’s the Why and How” sent a shudder down my spine. Puberty at 7? Unbelievable. Scary. Unnatural. I was going to do everything I could to prevent this from happening to my daughter -and I need to start now.

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